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Industrial Strength TypeI noticed Sam Bevington’s impactful lettering work last year. He was working in Melbourne for a couple of years and recently returned to the UK. He’s absolutely nailed that warm, weathered look that keeps the bold designs feeling approachable.Inspired by 1940s and 50s graphic design – especially the type found on throwaway objects like old matchbooks or drinks cans – Sam’s signature style features catchy slogans using flat colours that are full of screenprinting…


List of 43 Creative Catchy Teamwork Slogans and Taglines


List of 43 Creative Catchy Teamwork Slogans and Taglines

A listing of the best catchy teamwork slogans known. These taglines aim to foster a collaboration of individuals to work together. 1 team 1 mission. 11 players 1 heartbeat. A job worth doing is worth doing together. A team above all. Above all a team. All the talent in the world won’t take you anywhere […]


Edith Levy ~ New Orleans, street photography / Please don't tell me is not street art.. it is stand up comedy for free! Humour is important! :)


If you—like myself and the rest of the Integrity team—have been on the front lines of digital since the web’s inception 20 years ago, then you know the demand for world-class user experiences is greater than ever. Today’s consumers are looking for more than just a stand-out logo or a catchy slogan. They’re looking for …