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Hungry pelican opens bill like a basketball net and SLAM DUNKS catfish

He said: ' This white pelican repeatedly tossed the catfish up in the air and caught it again in its expanded bill, until the fish was positioned head-down for easy swallowing. Description from I searched for this on


In November 1855, the Great Ansei Earthquake struck the city of Edo type of color woodblock print known aamong the residents of the shaken city. These prints featured depictions of mythical giant catfish (namazu) who, according to popular legend, caused earthquakes by thrashing about in their underground lairs. In addition to providing humor and social commentary, many prints claimed to offer protection from future earthquakes.


The feeling you get when you are relaxing and fishing, it feels like all your worries have disappeared. Only in North American you can get that feeling.

from Mail Online

Setting the catfish amongst the pigeons: The astonishing moment a fish leaps out of the water to catch a bird

Novel behavior sighted in catfish -- in southwest France they leap from a river to seize pigeons, then wriggle back underwater to swallow them, perhaps due to declining prey in the river

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