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Yesterday, I shared a peak at Sadie’s new window seat. She really likes being up there. It’s a short jump from our bed to the basket and she has quite a view of our back yard. Here’s what you need to make one for your fur baby. * A basket tray (I purchased mine at …


DIY Cat Windowsill | perch cat, DIY, felt, flannel, perch, pipe, sew, suction cup, window, windowsill, bed wire,


My cats live indoors, but they love to watch the world (birdies, squirrels, critters); so I made a window perch to satisfy their unending curiosity! It


Rental-friendly Kitty Window Perch

A way to give your cat a window-perch, if you aren't allowed to screw into your walls

Epic Home Accessories for the Modern Pet

cat window -- Here's gorgeous solution to the cat on the window sill who just wants a more panoramic view


LOVE THIS! Flat 6 bottle wine box cat perch - Wine Crates and panels available at


The Cat Window Perch provides a comfortable and large surface for your cat to rest while enjoying the view or laying in the sun. Keeps cat off your precious furniture. Secures easily to your windowsill.