Cat types

I want it! The "Savannah" cat. They are big and beautiful! Future pet. :)

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So many types of wild cats around the world!

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...Love this cross breed.....adorable! Haven't seen any in Britain but if they are over here, I want one!!

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Top 3 Most cutest Cat types and Breeds . . American Shorthair #Cute #Cats #Breeds .

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Let's glorify God only on this board! We are not here to sell things or ideas not from God. If you find an inappropriate pin on this page please punch the 'send' button and send to me. If that doesn't work find one of my pins and leave a comment. TY & May God Bless each of you. :) ++++++++++++++++++++++ Try our sister-boards: Christian/Jewish Persecution & News; Salvation~The Gospel Message of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior and God's Way: Dating and Marriage

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it's not very cold war...but it's very fluffy! #don't hate me cause you ain't me
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