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simon’s cat box guide II

Simon's Cat - Simon's Cat's Box Guide No. 2, one of my favorite comics, they are all so true

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I paid a hundred dollars for a used sofa to make my cats comfortable, but all they really wanted was their own EMPTY CARDBOARD BOX. Lesson learned ♥

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The one about blind trust | Catsu The Cat - I might have the only cat that loves belly rubs, but doesn't allow to be picked up.

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22-Pound Oregon Cat Traps Family, Who Call Police

Cutest Cats in Snow - I love this picture for some reason! I think it would make an amazingly difficult puzzle.

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woonya/ 猫/cat/羊毛フェルト/Needle/Felting/mascot/doll/home/style/products/art/design

woonya/ 猫/cat/羊毛フェルト/Needle/Felting/mascot/doll/home/style/products/art/design

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Meet The Cat Who Wears Her Heart On Her Chest

Meet Zoë ! A delightful British Shorthair who was adopted along with her sister Izzy.

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