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38 Cute Cat Tattoo Examples

Need this on my neck where my scar is from having so many lymph nodes removed cuz of cat scratch disease. A silly mark of 'ha! You didn't kill me,'.

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An enlarged lymph node in the armpit region of a person with cat-scratch disease, and wounds from a cat scratch on the hand

Bartonellosis, commonly known as cat scratch disease is an infection triggered by a bacterium that transmits through the bites or scratches of an infected cat.

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19-Year-Old Black Cat Turns Into A Nordic God Due To A Rare

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CDC Says Cat-Scratch Disease Is Becoming Deadly - YouTube

How your beloved dog could give you a killer disease

'Cat scratch disease': Even small bites or playful scratches from a kitten can spread a viral infection

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Cuddling your kitten could KILL you

Cuddling your kitten could KILL you: CDC warns adorable felines carry deadly bacteria that causes brain swelling and heart infection CDC has issued new warning to cat owners: don't kiss your kittens Cats carry bacteria that can cause fever, brain swelling, heart infection Report says increasingly cases of 'cat-scratch disease' reach hospital

Don't change your cat's diet suddenly, as it can cause GI problems or your cat may stop eating. It is very important that overweight cats don't stop eating or lose weight too quickly, as this can result in fatty liver disease, which can be very serious.