inexpensive cat playhouse DIY. Tunnels, circles GLEE:) #cats #CatMakings #CatCondos

Tunnels, circles GLEE:) Tap the link Now - Luxury Cat Gear - Treat Yourself and Your CAT! Stand Out in a Crowded World!

Become the architect of your cat's playhouse with BLOCKS.

Be a Cat Playhouse Architect with BLOCKS

Cat Playhouse Cat Scratch DJ Booth,

Cat Playhouse Cat Scratch DJ Booth

This scratching pad is a foldable cardboard classic that mimics a turntable and will let your cat scratch to contentment. x glue neededImported

Cardboard Teepee Cat Playhouse

Cardboard Teepee Cat Playhouse

I don't know about you guys, but I want one of those... for me. Just me.  [Via The Bloggess | TMS]

The Coolest Cat House Ever: An AT-ST Walker For Cats [Pic]

suck UK 10.63" Catillac Cat Playhouse

Cardboard Cat Playhouses Let Your Kitty Imagine He's A Pilot, Firefighter & Tank Driver The good people of Suck UK have your cat pegged. After a while, the simple sublime comfort of a plain old box - any box at all - just won't quench you.

Tardis Cat Playhouse DIY

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Dig the possibility of a built in ball or water toy. Maybe something we can add ourselves. Thinking that a peg-board or similar on the wall (outside, inside, both) would give us some flexibility here. I just realized this is a cat play house, but the one that inspired me earlier was for having balls roll down much like at wonderlab.

Reclaimed Pallet Cat Playhouse

I bet a pallet could be repurposed to make something like this: If my eyes don't deceive me, one could use one of those hazard things + jute twine to make this: would require good carpentry skills, but - WOW!

Spiffy Cat Products... A cat teepee bed is a crazy fun idea that combines all the cat stuff both you and your kitties love. Quirky home decor your cats will love as much as a cardboard box. Win win for you and your cats.

Fun Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse Ideas

Check out this cool cat stuff it's a cat teepee bed and playhouse! These cute cat beds inject some fun into your home decor.

Blocks Modular Cat Playhouse #Cat, #House, #Modular, #Playful

Blocks Modular Cat Playhouse

How to Make a Cat Condo

We& still in love with trendy constellation motifs. Get the look for less with this easy DIY notebook perfect for stuffing a stocking.

Poopy Cat Blocks Cat Playhouse ** Be sure to check out this helpful article. #CatScratchersandFurniture

Poopy Cat Blocks Cat Playhouse ** Be sure to check out this helpful article. #CatScratchersandFurniture

Reclaimed Pallet Cat Playhouse | 99 Pallets

Reclaimed Pallet Cat Playhouse

your should definitely go with this DIY pallet cat playhouse, creative designed and formulated to make your cat easily jump to different levels and play all the