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A Cat Parent’s Guide to Grooming

Although cats are known for keeping themselves well-groomed, by assisting your feline friend with regular grooming sessions, you can bond with your kitty and keep your pet looking great. This guide will cover the basics of grooming and bathing your cat.

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Do you struggle to groom your cat at home? Anita Kelsey, our resident cat grooming expert shares her top 5 tools for both long and short-haired cats:

Ultimate Cat Care Our cat grooming harness gently & effectively guards against scratches & bites while giving you full control. You'll keep your cat calmer & save time while putting your stress to rest. We've helped thousands of cat lovers just like you. With our harness you can finally trim nails, give medications, & groom, without worry. So don't wait till the next time you're fussing with your fidgety kitty to order. Get yours now at

Cat Grooming: Tips for Giving Your Cat a Bath

Bathing your cat can be a tough process–nothing seems to bring out the claws quicker than the sound of running water. In order to keep this event as safe as possible for you and your cat, keep the following tips in mind. #cats #grooming

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Long-haired Cats Grooming Guidelines. We have two long haired cats, Ragamuffins. One has a very thick under coat, so to groom them takes time and usually two people haha

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Our cats LOVE C.E.T. Poultry flavor toothpaste (by Virbac) Get it at Vets office or cheaper

THE MAIN LION Cat Grooming Salon, Paoli PA is the first exclusive cat grooming salon to open on the Main Line, PA. We specialize in The Lion Cut but offer full cat grooming services. Professional cat groomer with exceptional results. Our pet groomer has been in the pet grooming industry for over 10 years, a family tradition for over 60 years.

Details about Cat Grooming Nail Clipping Bathing Bath Bag NO BITE SCRATCH Restraint System*NEW

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This should be something all groomers pride themselves as following - since we pet parents trust them with our fur kids!

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