"Do I look like a killer to you?  Yes, you kill my patience".

"Do I look like a killer to you? Yes, you kill my patience". My favorite Castle quote.

Adult/Future Steven and Connie

Adult/Future Steven and Connie

Older Steven and Connie- not just older, look at all the traits he got from rose. The shape and the curls. I really wasn't feeling the "buff" future Steven in that episode

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Free LEGO® Instructions by theme. Great source for the lego instructions that were eaten by our puppy.

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Loved this episode and the fact that random person High fives him!

Pinning lots of Matthew+Mary pictures to deal with the trauma of that last episode of season 3. Pretending it never happened. *cries*

Till Downton Do Us Part: Matthew and Mary's Wedding Album

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The Diamond of the Day. link to playlist for last episode. Broken Crown made me think of them the moment i heard it. also Help gives me so many feelings.

The Grey Sword. Ragnor is not aware that the sword is no longer his.

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My mom had to tell me to shut up during this part cuz I was laughing so hard. The look of sheer panic on Castles face in the second last frame kills me 😂😂😂