This image is an example of the Rococo period. The walls are panelled and pale in colour, gilded heavily. The carvings are quite delicate. Fauteuil chairs and mirrors can be seen, which were popular of the time.

Inveraray Castle

This Rococo style room features wall paneling, gold and white coloring, an intricate ceiling, and some furniture examples.

Interior photo of Windsor Castle @Sofie Couwenbergh

Visiting Windsor Castle from London. A look inside the Queen's castle

Castello di Sammezzano.has been abandoned for 30yrs. It sits in the foothills of Tuscany.

Behind This Aged Façade Is the World's Most Beautiful Abandoned Castle

Wooden Spiral Staircase - Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania

Wooden Spiral Staircase - Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania Were it hidden inside the Wall—Western Staircase of Castle Stormhold.

Neuschwanstein Castle Interior

Neuschwanstein castle above the village of Hohenschwangau in southern Bavaria, Germany