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BUTTER-Basted Cast Iron Skillet Rib Eye Recipe! _ The thing about a steak cooked on the stove top…a perfect piece of meat basted in a mixture of foamy butter, sprigs of thyme & rosemary, & fresh garlic…is that you’re treated to a multi-sensory experience. It hits every note. And it’s quite wonderful!

from The Rising Spoon

How to Cook the Perfect Steak in a Cast-Iron Skillet

from Taste of the South

Cast-Iron Steaks with Mushroom Sauce

Seasoned from years of use, the shiny black surface of your favorite cast-iron skillet is the ultimate tool for preparing the perfect steak.

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40+ Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

Cast-Iron Steaks with Herb Butter. After testing differing flipping techniques and heating levels, we found that flipping the steaks more (every two minutes), resulted in a shorter cooking time and thus a smaller gray band of dry, overcooked meat around the interior of the steak.