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Kir Royale

Kir Royale - Classic French cocktail made with creme de cassis currant liqueur and champagne


How To Make Toffee Vodka

How to Make Toffee Vodka | Homemade flavoured vodka recipe DIY style. Just using toffees, vodka and a mason jar. These make for great personal gifts and great for Christmas presents. Plan ahead and make these now.


Creme De Cassis (Currant Liqueur)

This is the lovely sirop that goes into a kir (with white wine), a kir royale (with champagne) or a communard (with red wine). It is also wonderful as an apertif or to pour over ice cream or use as a syrup with various desserts. It takes 4 to 6 months(not included in preparation time), but little effort, and the result far exceeds what you can buy at the liquor store. The serving size is a guess.

Home made blackcurrant cordial. Making a batch from some of the 10kgs of blackcurrants we gave harvested from 2 bushes this year.


A splash in your sparkling wine makes an American version of Kir Royale! (A real Kir is creme de casis and white wine and and Kir Royal is creme de cassis and champagne.)


Homemade Creme De Cassis Liqueur

Homemade Creme De Cassis Liqueur Recipe -