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8th april ~ some more geography case study notes! I really should be doing the essays for next week because I don’t have enough time to finish them as it is but I have no self control (from

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Comparison of Postoperative Drain Insertion versus No Drain Insertion in Thyroidectomies: Retrospective case-control study from the Sultan Qaboos U... - PubMed - NCBI

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Types of Epidemiology Studies, @catherine gruntman gruntman Fegan if only we had this available during Public Health Research!!!

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so now we have learned that on top of all this - for every 10 percent immigration there's a 2% drop in wages - gotta just fucking s t o p !!

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diagram of facial skeleton | Frontal Bone (1) Parietal bone (2) Occipital bone (1) Temporal bone (2 ...

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LC Energy Case Study: Birtley House Nursing Home, Surrey. Commissioned LC Energy to establish a new, larger, wood chip fired boiler and to improve control and efficiency of heat supplied for space heating and water heating.

Case studies – diet changes reverse rheumatoid arthritis This is the first of a series of posts where I will be posting results from my research project. In this post I look at documented case stud…

More Tales of Terror and Creepy stories of the Unknown, Paranormal, and Unsolved

More of the supernatural, scary, strange, and shocking will always be added *********** Gateway of the Mind – Sensory Deprivation *********** More Tales Of Terr

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The one chart you need to understand any health study