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Video: Wild swim: Skye's Fairy Pools

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I still remember where I was and what I felt when I stumbled upon a few songs that touched my pain and created a connection to me personally. It was as if the songs were written about my situation specifically. They were about my pain. They were about my healing. ○○○ #Addiction #Recovery #AddictionRecovery #ShadowMountainRecovery #rehabilitation #detoxification #detox #rehab #Cascade #ColoradoSprings #Denver #Colorado #Albuquerque #Taos #NewMexico #StGeorge #Utah #RecoveryIsPossible

If the "Summer of Love" had a theme song, it would have to be Get Together, by The Youngbloods. With its warm cascade of chords and message of aspirational brotherhood, "Together" swirled the hippie ethic into a song.<a class='RouteHashTag ShortCodeHashTag' href="#!/album/827094885" >#!/album/827094885</a> This Summer will mark a half century since young people stuck flowers in their hair and made their way t...

Lotus flowers leading up to glorious angel of light. Spiritual progress is made in steps... the ones right before you... DK Seattle pinner said

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Time is always moving, giving us new and different experiences in our lives. Stay in the ebb & flow of movement and you will experience more of you that is yet to be seen. #Lisa Salaz #

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"tiny specks of light emerge from the horizon of my soul as possibility filled potentials inspiring new fronteirs the dawn says hello can you hear it singing your song the spheres dancing harmonies cascading into one this is your time this is your Sun this is the magic of the new days hum" #Cornflower #Lyrics #HorizonOfMySoul #Poem

Cosy Parkas and Fancy Raincoats For This Fall

My sister Yvette always sang the rhythm of the rain to me and my sister when we were going to sleep.

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