Doctor Who Blink Chicken

So THAT'S What Happened!

This is my Timey-Wimey detector. Goes ding when there's stuff. So I've learned to stay away from hens. It's not pretty when they blow.

LOL "David Tennant - Casanova"

David Tennant in Casanova on BBC theater.

VALENTINE'S DAY TREAT: David Tennant As Casanova | DAVID TENNANT NEWS UPDATES (Click for more Casanova goodness!)

David Tennant Photo Of The Day - October Playing the title role in 'Casanova' - March 2005

I will now start using Dalek as an expletive. And Jack is SO Casanova.

I'm going to start using dalek as an expletive. This is only funny because he says "Who the dalek.

David Tennant

2005 BBC "Casanova" a three part British mini-series. Not only does it have David Tennant but Peter O'Toole!

David Tennant's Casanova

David Tennant Photo Of The Day - July Playing the title role in 'Casanova' (with Nina Sosanya as Bellino) - March 2005