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Cas Anvar in Celebs Attend the Opening of Galerie Montaigne

Cas Anvar looking sharp did past event opening of Galerie Montaigne in Febuary 2016.

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Evan Gamble on

Nice Tweet came from Evan Gamble having great lunch here with Rockstar Cas Anvar.

Great interview from Cas Anvar with NCIS LA Magazine from the show. Take your time read. :o)

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Thank you to awesome fan to find this super blast interview with Cas Anvar to share. The photos was taking total blast us away.

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Cas Anvar has enter in Wizard World Comic Con Cleveland February 26-27-28, 2016. Will be signing FRIDAY 26 - 3 pm / 8 pm & SATURDAY - 10 am / 7pm. This means us fans will able to meet Cas in person magic of Wizard World Comic Con

Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham, More, Round Out ‘The Expanse’

We love when Cas Anvar gives us his super news out. Get to read article of new Television Show of "The Expanse" coming out on Syfy Channel in 2015.

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Total neat movie yourself must keep up to see would Miss India America The Movie would come your way close Cinema. Of course we have handsome Cas Anvar as Deep Panday the movie. Twitter - Also include in Facebook link.

Expanse The Unofficial Podcast 05 - Introducing Cas Anvar as Alex Kamal

Will enjoy some entertainment here with Cas Anvar as Alex Kamal to have Podcast time with Syfy The Expanse.