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Looking at drawings of eyes, i like the cartoon style in which these are done, i think its important to get eyes right because it really captures a persons expression.

How to draw eyes. I think this really helps a lot with eye expressions! Haha, I have a friend who has done these!

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wanted to draw something small, so I decided it should be a fennec fox ^^ I used a ballpoint pen and watercolors. please let me know what you think!

Lol so true for some people tho

-(Part Of)Personal work, 2013 -Cameron Stewart spectacular illustrator, wonderful mix of black and white control and crosshatching shading, especially with hair and background

Character Hair Reference Sheet by gabbyd70 on DeviantArt

Join in my female character drawing class! I'd love to see you there Design a Female Character: Sketching Portraits with Pencils Character Hair Reference Sheet

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We are super excited to have Jake Parker donate a piece to Robot Envy! Jake Parker is a freelance illustrator, designer, and comic artist. He is the creator of the Missile Mouse graphic novel seri…

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Realistic people: Those are Female and Male differences. For more visit Hope this helped! :mrgreen: Chibi: Those are a guide to Chibi heads That helps with facial expressions!

Allotment community - Norman Thelwell cartoon is one of PUNCH's best=loved illustrations. From the 1954 Summer Number.

hicockalorum: rosa-luna: Norman Thelwell loving this drawing even though i’d be happier working in a garden than a having a lawn.

drawing trees - I feel like I could use this in a craft somehow...

Art fun ways to draw trees -- drawing lesson miscellaneous-illustration-iconography