Cartoon girl images

Lol so true for some people tho

-(Part Of)Personal work, 2013 -Cameron Stewart spectacular illustrator, wonderful mix of black and white control and crosshatching shading, especially with hair and background

Looking at drawings of eyes, i like the cartoon style in which these are done, i think its important to get eyes right because it really captures a persons expression.

How to draw eyes. I think this really helps a lot with eye expressions! Haha, I have a friend who has done these!

1970 Love Is Boy and Girl Wall Hanging Picture,We used to draw these on our school books and come up with lots of Love is... sayings

1970 Love Is Boy and Girl Wall Hanging Picture, Black & White, S"till holding hands after many years of marriage" I LOVED these! I would cut them out and pin them up everywhere

I loved Rupert when I was little :) this brings back happy memories

Covert art for the Rupert Annual, featuring a winter image of Rupert Bear with a lantern, United Kingdom, by Alfred Bestall.