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Moist Carrot Cake

Moist Carrot Cake with Pineapple - Like this recipe. I added orange zest and orange extract to the icing. Make this one again.

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Carrot Pineapple Cake

Carrot Pineapple Cake .... I had a recipe for this years ago. Delish! -- Mikie might like this. Two of his favorite things.

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Recipe including course(s): Dessert; and ingredients: baking powder, baking soda, butter, carrot, cinnamon, coconut, cream cheese, egg, flour, pineapple, powdered sugar, salt, sugar, vanilla extract, vegetable oil, walnuts

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Pineapple, coconut and banana cake

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Carrot and Pineapple Cake Recipe

Carrot and Pineapple Cake Recipe | | #carrot #pineapple #cake

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Southern Hummingbird Cake ~ a close cousin to the carrot cake but with bananas, pineapple and crunchy pecans as the stand out flavours. It still loves to be paired with luscious cream cheese frosting though.

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This may not be the perfect time to introduce you... ...but I'm going to do it anyway. Please meet the most perfect, ...

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Carrot Coconut Cake

The carrot, coconut and fresh pineapple meld so well that their flavors become one in a sense. I love this cake and you will too! Just think this cake has all the food groups in it. So it's GOTTA be healthy!

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