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Make a Carpenter Bee Trap

carpenter bee trap, I pinned this last year. Since then, my husband and I have built one and hung it. This thing works! Bees don't want to drill new holes if there's one already there and so one they go inside, they follow the light to get out, the bottle, and that's where they die because they're to dumb to go back through the wood to get out. It's easy to empty to, just screw another recycled water bottle on. Seriously, this is a cheap no brainer. We already had all the supplies we…

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How To Trap and Kill Carpenter Bees and Wasps Too

How to trap and kill carpenter bees, wood bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets naturally.

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How to Make Carpenter Bee Traps

Outdoor entertainment areas often incorporate a lot of wood. From wood decks to picnic tables to outdoor wood furniture, these outdoor structures can be at the mercy of destructive carpenter bees that...


carpenter bee trap - gatorade bottle at bottom, holes drilled upward at a 45 degree angle on the sides. Hope it works

from ThriftyFun

Getting Rid of Carpenter Bees

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees-It's very easy to do yourself, and it 100% works! I have used this to get rid of Carpenter bees my whole life. You will need a can of WD40 spray, the one with the long sprayer tip at the end works best. Spray the WD40 into each bee hole. Spray a pretty good amount, and the bees will fall out and die. This will keep the bees gone all year long.