Carol Carpenter Watercolors

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Watercolor Painting, by Carol Carpenter, Street in Old Town, 5in. x 5in. $395, Southwest Art, Landscape, @

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Three Poems by Carol Carpenter. Words from the Showerhead on My Birthday Clearing of the throat: Nagged and pounded, straight down wet. You glistened. You forgot: the meat thawed and red-run spoiled. Hot water leashed, treated on schedule, a city decree, a birthday trust in purity. You remembered: white, the coconut cake, blue-tipped orange, the candles’ flames …

Karen Pitman, architect/landscape architect by training and profession, Karin began watercolor painting during her architectural education at Arizona State University. Karin has studied watercolor painting with a range of prominent southwest and national watercolor painters including Stephen Quiller, Ann Smith, Dale Laitinen, Mary Todd Beam, Robert Oliver, Dick Phillips, Wendell Bertelsen, JK Drummond, Carol Carpenter, and Dorothy Voohrees. #abqtodo

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CAROL CARPENTER, “Yellow Trumpet,” Acrylic on Canvas, 28” x 22”

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Glacier Star Made by Carol Carpenter I've seen this in so many colors it!

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