Halloween hen party - Polestars tips for creating the perfect outfit

Sweetheart Harlequin Costume, Harlequin Clown Costume, Circus Harlequin Costume, Harlequin Circus Costume by chris

VOGUE -THE "MEN'S" ISSUE 1953  Marlene Dietrich, as The Ringmaster

Marlene Dietrich as The Ring Master for the Madison Square Garden Circus Benefit, photographed for 'Vogue' magazine, May by Milton Greene,


Amazing Carnival Fortune Teller Machine DIY Costume

Despite the fact that the Carnival is not yet to come we leave some tips so you can take the best of Rio de Janeiro!

The best event on Earth – Carnival Rio!

Read this article for inspo. Info and tips for things to experience and enjoy at Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro!

Maquiagem bicho/leão carnaval

be "lion" if I said I had to try to get my hair like this, I finally found a costume fitting for my untamed, unruly, frizz hair

Halloween makeup ideas: Leopard.

There are so many different ways to dress up as a cat for Halloween. Love this leopard makeup - looks fantastic, and so realistic!

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Más - I usually hate clowns, but this makeup is actually really good. Shows the kind of happy emotions we're expected to show the world, yet how down we may really feel inside.

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michelinepitt I lent my soon to be re-stocked at Glamour Ghoul Deadly Dames dress to my darling for her demo for I love the custom headpiece and nails she made. Check out her page to see more of the makeup demo for at she did.

Soutien-gorge plein irisé Rihanna Samba Samba tenue tenue de

Soutien-gorge plein irisé Rihanna Samba Samba tenue tenue de