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Carnaval Date

You’ll find carnaval parades all over Portugal, with Lisbon and the towns of the Algarve having particularly spectacular celebrations. While it may seem to be all Rio-style feathers, spandex and sequins, carnaval dates back centuries to when people held huge feasts to eat up all the meat (carne is the Portuguese word for meat), which was forbidden during Lent. Traditionally carnaval begins on the last Friday before Lent and ends on Shrove Tuesday.

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Careto Mask from the Bragança district of Portugal. The tradition of bachelors dressing up in these masks and costumes during Carnaval, dates back to Pre-Roman times. The young men are known to chase ladies and invade kitchens and cellars to steal food and wine. // Official Careto website:

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BRASIL (V., 14 FEB 2014) ||||| " CARNAVAL DE RIO DE JANEIRO: DEL 28 DE FEBRERO AL 8 DE MARZO DE 2014 -- Rio Carnaval | Carnaval Date | RioCarnaval.Org

calendrier des parades et carnavals vénitiens en 2017