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Your Inner Lions: Get to Know Your Virome

There is something about the legged phages that epitomizes the alien nature of viruses. One phage is a must. Your Inner Lions: Get to Know Your Virome' by Carl Zimmer. ("It’s really a virus, not a lunar lander.")


ReadyRoom Star Wars AT-AT Bed Canopy

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What lurks beneath a scientist's lab coat?

Genomes project publishes inventory of human genetic variation

DNA sequences made freely available by the 1,000 Genomes Project will be used to uncover the genetic roots of disease

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The Weird Youth of the Animal Kingdom (Slide Show)

Hurdia, primitive cousin of insects and other arthropods, Cambrian (542–488 million years ago), by Quade Paul


The Norovirus: A Study in Puked Perfection

A TED-Ed Animation Explaining Where Genes and Gene Mutations Come From

How can you tell the two poles apart? Where are the penguins? What about the bears? The Arctic pole is located in the Northern Hemisphere within the deep Arctic Ocean, while the Antarctic pole is s...


Planète de virus / Carl Zimmer. Belin, 2016 Lilliad Cote 579.2 ZIM

Fancier pigeons – in pictures

jacobin pigeon original article-


Science Ink: Carl Zimmer Catalogs the Tattoos of Science Nerds

A weird and wonderful almanac of the lovable geeks who immortalized passion for science on their living flesh from a celebrated writer

Brain Cuttings: Fifteen Journeys Through the Mind by Carl Zimmer. In Brain Cuttings, award-winning science writer Carl Zimmer takes readers on fascinating explorations of the frontiers of research, shedding light on our innermost existence—the speed of thought, our perception of time, the complex flashes of electricity that give rise to fear and love, and more.


The Oldest Living Things in the World: Rachel Sussman, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Carl Zimmer: 9780226057507: Books