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Carolus Linnaeus: established the binomial system of scientific nomenclature. Each organism has two names: the genus and spific epithet.


When thinking about organizing, you likely don't consider it to be world changing or revolutionary. However, the history books would suggest differently. For example, there are two scientists who reorganized information and created organizational systems that allowed humans to make significant advancements in the fields of science and technology. Biology Carl von Linnaeus (1707-1778) was not the first scientist to recognize that different species could be grouped together based on some ...

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Linnaeus, and the Flower Clock

Linnaeus’ Floral clockLinnaeus observed over a number of years that certain plants constantly opened and closed their flowers at particular times of the day, these times varying from species to species. Hence one could deduce the approximate time of day according to which species had opened or closed their flowers. Arranged in sequence of flowering over the day they constituted a kind of floral clock or horologium florae, as Linnaeus called it in his Philosophia Botanica (1751, pages ...

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Miller's book, An Illustration to the Sexual System of Linnaeus (1770-7), was an attempt to explain and promote the system of classification devised by the famous botanist Carl Linnaeus. This was based on the number and relation of the reproductive parts of flowers. The book was published in various combinations of plates, coloured and uncoloured. This is one of several proof plates, printed before the lettering was added.

Species: "Very closely related group that can reproduce among themselves. The domestic cat (Felis domestica) is a species of the genus Felis." 18th C naturalist Carl Linnaeus "invented a system for classifying all living species and defining their relationship to one another. In this system, each species belongs to a 'genus,' a 'family,' an 'order,' a 'class,' a 'branch' & a 'kingdom.'" Albeit in modified form, the Linnaean system is still used by most scientists today." Caption from link

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Michiko Of Japan wears Honeysuckle tiara and awesome diamond reviere necklace during The Tercentenary Birthday Celebrations For Carl Linnaeus In Sweden Banquet At Uppsala Castle in May 2007