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Cards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion

never seen this one...need this for my kitchen...the cupcakes on it match my towels!!!

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Sometimes, life deals you the perfect hand.

hahaha! I feel as though this is something I would do, I mean we all learned this as a child, if you didnt want someone to steal your food you licked it before you ate it making the once highly coveted food a disgusting piece of deliciousness.

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Super cute take on the dandelion effect

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Mini Pokemon Notebook - Recycled Trading Cards

OH I NEED THIS Mini Pokemon Notebook Recycled Trading Cards by StalkingMarla, $2.00

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Cards Against Humanity: Any of the new expansion packs

How to Remember Better: Active Recall. When we first see new information, it is stored for about 30 seconds, as a "working memory." The more times you recall the information, the better it will move to your long-term memory for better recall.

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New Cards Against Humanity pack with designs by Milton Glaser, Paula Scher and Erik Spiekermann.

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People Who Bought Boxes Of Sh*t From Cards Against Humanity Were Actually Surprised To Receive Sh*t

poop. to protest Black Friday, makers of the popular party game Cards Against Humanity removed all of their products from their online store on the day after Thanksgiving — instead offering only a box of what they said was actual “bullsh*t” for $6. It was made quite clear that customers were literally just buying sh*t. 30,000 boxes sold out by day's end.

pin 1 Cards Against Humanity The 90s Nostalgia Expansion Pack Cards Against Humanity

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