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The 2012 Democratic Party Platform: Religion, Women, and Children. Cardozo law professor Marci Hamilton continues her two-part series on the Republican and Democratic Party Platforms.

Drug War Symposium, Cardozo Law School, NYC – 3/13 | “The War on Drugs: Working Toward a Ceasefire,” this Wednesday 3/13 at Cardozo Law School in NYC.


A Mid-Year Report on Child Sex Abuse Victims’ Access to Justice in 2015. Cardozo law professor Marci Hamilton reports on the developments thus far in 2015 with respect to child sex abuse victims’ access to justice.

The Question of Whether — And If So, How — a Town Board May Open Its Meetings With Prayer. Cardozo law professor Marci Hamilton discusses a church/state case that the Supreme Court has recently taken up, which concerns the question whether a town board may constitutionally open its meetings with prayer.

Who Is Afraid of Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims, and Who Is Fighting for It? Cardozo law professor Marci Hamilton comments on developments in States across the nation regarding abolishing the statute of limitations on child sex abuse.

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The Supreme Court Renders A Decision Which Impacts Child Safely. Cardozo law professor Marci Hamilton comments on the Supreme Court’s recent Peugh decision. She contends that the ruling, although it does not deal with sex offenders, will have an impact that will surely be felt in sex-offender cases.