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How to reduce fat?

Everyone wants to look good and everyone wants to be fit but how is it possible and that is what we are going to refer over here. So let us discuss what do you mean by fitness and how can it be achieved. And so fitness is gauged on the basis of the following factors and they are: 1) Cardiorespiratory endurance 2) Muscular endurance 3) Musculoskeletal endurance 4) Body fat percentage 5) Flexibility

Cardiorespiratory endurance is the measurement of your heart and lungs that how effective they are working together with your muscles. Also known as cardiovascular endurance

How to Burn an Additional 500 Calories a Day on the Elliptical

Hip-shaping requires body fat reduction through aerobic exercise combined with targeted exercises for the hip musculature. When used at an incline, the elliptical machine lets you multitask, shaping ...


Cardiorespiratory Endurance Aerobic Fitness. Objectives Distinguish between aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Examine the benefits of cardiovascular exercises.

Hair Care Tips for African American Women who Exercise

The U.S. surgeon general stopped by the spectacle known as the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show on Sunday – and it wasn’t for a new 'do. What better place to talk about health than at a hair show that draws stylists? Dr.

How to Boost Your Cardio Endurance for Weight Loss