Cardboard deer head!   I WILL make one of these one day.

I used this tutorial/template, and decorated a pre-made wreath from the craft store.

Make a life-size cardboard deer head to put on your wall!

DIY Cardboard Deer Head Tutorial

Cardboard reindeer head instructable. Because a cardboard head isn't as creepy as a real one.

DIY Cardboard Deer Head

DIY Cardboard Deer Head Tutorial and FREE pattern                                                                                                                                                                                 More

DIY Cardboard Deer Head Tutorial

DIY Cardboard Deer Head Tutorial - Dream a Little Bigger

My friend showed me a website selling cardboard deer heads for quite a lot of money and challenged me to make a simple mini version. So here it is. I've attached a DXF file and PDF file(thanks to Pat for the initial PDF, made my life alot easier) so if you have access to a laser cutter this instructable will be a piece of cake. Other wise you will need to get busy with a coping saw or scroll saw. As you can see the MDF I used wasn't a great choice for laser cutting as it wasn't manufactured…

MDF/Acrylic/Cardboard Deer Head Taxidermy