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Transform that stack of old boxes into a chic cat house that you can humble brag about on Instagram.

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Community Post: 19 Spectacular Cat Houses Made Entirely Out Of Cardboard

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Cat on a Hot Cardboard Roof: DIY Inspiration for Cardboard Cat Houses

Cat on a Hot Cardboard Roof: DIY Inspiration for Cardboard Cat Houses. More houses at:

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How to Use Cardboard Make Cat's House

Use cardboard to make this "beehive" DIY cat house! Line with a blanket and let the snuggling begin...

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Cardboard house cut out cat and heart for pets or toy

Scandinavian style cardboard House with cut patterned cat and heart that can serve as housing for animals or toy for children. Colours (flags

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Dollhouse or Cathouse or Doghouse

Re-pin. Cute dog house made from cardboard. //Is it a doll's house or a cat's castle or delightful dog den? Either way, it's made from cardboard.

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City of Aurora

DIY - Simon DeMott kitty playhouse - Adapted from Martha Stewart's cardboard cat house template.

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Cardboard Cat Mansion, or a Use for Amazon Prime Boxes

Give kitty something to purr about with their own cardboard cat mansion from upcycled materials!

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Ingenious ‪#‎hammock‬ enclosed in a sturdy cardboard box. Take a look at 10 pet hammock ideas at:

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