I really like how detailed and creative these eyes are to represent the 'Queen of Hearts' . The detail is so small but yet we can still recognise what the artist is trying to portray in the make-up.

Sexy Queen of Hearts Xotic Eyes Make Up Las Vegas Showgirl Dancer or a cool Halloween costume

Custom real Playing Card hair bow clip or by CreativelyEverAshley

Custom real Playing Card shoe clips set by CreativelyEverAshley, . These are a previous order for Queen of Hearts cards.

DIY Poker Card Necklace

25+ Queen of Hearts Costume Ideas and DIY Tutorials

DIY Poker Card Necklace- maybe a hairbow instead. Or use a travel sized card for a ring or maybe a cluster necklace

Ace of hearts costume

The white face base and the red lip on the left is ideal for what I want for the red queen. I doubt I would use any kind of card symbolism, but the red and black color scheme will be useful for the red queen.