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this is Ebony she is 14 she loves YouTube and hates chips. her best friend is Zoe. please adopt

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Keith Jones and Cara McCollum were the perfect young All-American couple. The two up-and-coming Philadelphia newscasters had been dating for 2 years when they adopted a puppy named Charlie together. Jones adored the Mini American Shepherd from the start, but when …

MyBrownBaby From their "About" Page: "MyBrownBaby isn’t about pointing fingers at or putting down white moms. It’s about helping black moms. It’s also about providing a service for those who need the information but can’t find it or who just want someone to commiserate with them—help them sort through the beautiful struggle that comes with being black parents in America."

Orphaned Goslings adopted by a Cara the dog at Lunan Bay Farm, Filmed by PBM-Photo

दत्तक ग्रहण विनियमन, 2017 #Current_Affair #Adoption #CARA #PAPs #UPSC #IAS posting with an "eerily human-like" face — is up for adoption after being saved from a kill shelter in Kentucky. And it looks more than likely he'll now be found a good home, after observers noted his resemblance to a person and his image went viral online.

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