Car shaped cake!  Could finish it in a smoother icing. If you need more cake, could put another cake underneath as the roadway.

Pink Race Car Cake

Pink Race Car Cake: I was helping host a baby shower for a friend at work who loves Nascar and had to come up with a cool idea for a race car theme for a baby GIRL! Race Car Birthday Cake Design #birthdaycake #racecar

Race Car Birthday Cake Design

Race Car Birthday Cake Design How to make a race car birthday cake with doughnuts - wonder if there is a better color to use for windshield

2HotWheels1 Great boys cake. Hot wheels cake / racing car cake. If you are making this yourself most good cake suppliers will lone a number shaped cake tin for a fraction of the cost of buying one.

Hot Wheels Cakes

Number 2 Hot Wheels Cake S. Smith for Jeremy's bday cuz he loves cars! Forgot to tell you how he sat and watched racing with Stephen for a solid 10 minutes!

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Tutorial explaining how to make figure number 2 cakes without the need of expensive specialist tins. Simple and effect(Bake Cheesecake Decoration)

Funny Car Cake

Cruiser Pan Wilton Pans Use sugar molds for the different shapes. Wilton has a huge number of molds.

Cake Fiction: Porsche 911 Racing Car Birthday Cake

We can't all own a fabulous sports car, but we can have a flashy cake! This week we carved a fabulous red Porsche 911 cake out of cho.

Car cake tutorials of all descriptions for motoring fans of all ages from vintage cars to racing cars, Lightning McQueens to VW Beatles and lots more, you'll find it right here on Cake Geek Magazine.

Mini Car Shaped Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes, car shaped cake in any colour with personalised number plate and inscription

Lightning McQueen Car Shape Cake Decorating Process

This novelty design embodies that irrepressible anthropomorphic racecar from the movie “Cars” – “Lightning McQueen” – in all his glory.