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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at


Make these super cute, super easy Seatbelt Pillows before your summer road trip. No more neck strained car seat sleeping!


Child car seat support pillow head band! WORK AWESOME

HEAD PILLOW/SUPPORT BAND: Does Your childs head slump or nod forward while napping in a car seat? If Yes, Try a NoNod Head pillow/support band!!! This


Road trip car pillow

At last, something soft, quick and easy to sew. For kids and adults alike to get some good rest during a road trip. Like the pocket to hold an ipod, tissues, drink even...


Child's Seat Belt Pillow - MONKEYS


Seat Belt Pillows

seat belt pillow. I like the 7 shape better than the single-straight one. Softy fabric, like jammies. Doesn't need to fit over the seat belt at all, could be loose.


DIY Car Seat Back Protector

Make your own Car Seat Back Protector to keep the back of your seats clean and footprint free!


Spiderman Printed Red ,CHILDREN/ADULT , Travel pillow; Neck pillow, attach to seatbelt