Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/263670328/sale-upgrade-elephant-ear-pillow

seat belt pillow. I like the 7 shape better than the single-straight one. Softy fabric, like jammies. Doesn't need to fit over the seat belt at all, could be loose.

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now this is a good idea, I've seen lots of travel pillows but this is the first that doesn't attach to the carseat possibly compromising it in anyway

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Very clever pillow attached to the safety belt with velcro. Now children can sleep peacefully in the car :)

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NAPPERNOO The kid comfort car seat pillow used with by rebeccak55, $42.99 a must get for when Grant is older! Where was this during my childhood?!

Gray Soft Infant Baby Headrest Neck Pillow Baby Car Seat / Stroller Body Support Cushions 0-12 months

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Kids Infant Baby Head Pillow Adjustable Protect Neck and Head Protection Travel Car Seat Stroller Child Safety Seat Pillow Pad

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