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Solar Forest Keeps Cars Cool And Juiced

A "solar forest" designed to charge electric cars with solar panels that follow the sun, and keep the cars below cool and shady. Genius.


ELEN LEAF station in Zagreb electronic car charging station


In Arizona you can get a DUI if you seem impaired – it doesn’t matter what your blood alcohol content is or what kind of drugs are in your system. Right now the same goes for pot.”I think a lot of this is yet to be determined, but I can tell you how I think it’s going to shake out,” said attorney Marc Victor.


TWITT: Duo-Gard Unveils Nature-Inspired, Solar-Powered Winner of Its EV Charging Station Contest

This car charging station recently won the Duo-Gard Charging Station Design Contest! The challenge was to create a one-car charging station and canopy that is both sustainable and flexible in its installation and usage.


Charge Me Up: Electric Car Charging Stations Are Everywhere

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How Many Electric Car Charging Stations Are Actually Out There?

Hybrid and electric cars have gone pretty mainstream. But it's hard to get a sense of whether the charging infrastructure is keeping pace. Especially since there are lots of proposals for how we could transition away from the gas station model.

Expect millions of electric car charging stations by 2020 - NBC

Tesla Motors might have scored its first-ever profit during the first quarter, but sales of plug-in vehicles are lagging below... | Digital Marketing