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The live pigs have to watch, listen and smell the fear and pain or death! According to a Viva! investigation, each year an estimated 230,000 cattle are not correctly stunned with the captive bolt pistol. They will have to endure the pain of being shot in the head and will then have to be shot again or knifed whilst conscious. #kosher

Just in case you have not listened yet to the latest Carcass album, back in July 2013, we published an article from them streams the song 'Captive Bolt Pistol'. Make sure to take a listen and let us know what you think of their comeback with the 'Surgical Steel' album by leaving your comment on the web site, it would be greatly appreciated as we will start to reward top commenters with free CDs.

go #vegan for the animals, this cruelty is unconscionable some animals are still conscious

She is clearly alive and fully conscious calling for help while going through the slaughter process – According to a 10-year investigation based on interviews with slaughterhouse workers and USDA inspectors, many animals actually survive the slaughter process.

We know that a lot of livestock is still alive after being stunned. You can tell by this cow's head that she is/was still alive.