True.  If you can stand the test of time I guess you're a keeper.  Not naming names.

Gotta laugh, but its must be in a dungeon for sometime after youve done me wrong. Forgiveness takes time.♡♡♡ Shackles & chains, The Dragon♡Capricorn quotes

capricorn woman quotes - Google Search

capricorn woman- maybe this is why I'm just about 50 and can pass for 😎

capricorn woman quotes - Google Search

Do you have relationship problems with a Capricorn?

You think Karma is a bitch? Wait until you piss off a Capricorn. Capricorn is in planet Saturn, ruler of karma.

Capricorn Women-!sorry I think this kind of stuff is rather stupid but I came across this & I must say it sort of fits me!

Capricorn Women- I cannot stand people who constantly demand attention, they're more draining than they're worth.

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Hahahah yes. I'm more likely to be silently fuming and filtering out as many harsh words as I can before I speak to you again.