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Yep not talking makes us feel useless ... But most people don't want to engage in conversation so we adjust but will find an outlet so our mind can keep busy.

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DAILY HOROSCOPE FOR 28TH OCTOBER 2014 A lively agenda is promised, as all interactions are light-hearted, flirtatious and fun. This is a time to follow your dreams and ideals, and to plant a seed in the form of a wish for the future. Friends may ask you to spend an alternative kind of evening with them that centres on spirituality, mysticism or another kind of unusual activity.

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Capricorn women - so don't fuck it up..oh but they always fuck it up...huh I put something like this as my status today......

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True but I would put Capricorn in top and Aquarius in possible and Taurus in difficult based on experience

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zodiacspot: - Which Zodiac Squad would you fit in? Find out here- More Zodiac Compatibility here

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Scorpio. We always know what's going, we just keep our mouth shut and wait for the perfect moment.

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Check your Capricorn today's Horoscope (19/09/2016). Read your daily horoscope online Hindi/English at Get free guidance for the day and plan your full day accordingly.