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only picture I have actually liked of a Capricorn For more about #Capricorn visit:

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Capricorns treat everyone in their life equally, whether someone is a janitor or a CEO. Capricorns don't believe in kissing ass.

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CAPRICORN: Those souls born under this sign often have a sense of mission, a sense of strong purpose. Gradually over time they climb the mountain of their ambitions, like a sure-footed goat, and achieve their goals and intentions until they can truly say, “I have accomplished what I set out to do.”

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Capricorn-for me, I could stay up all night - for fun or for work - and still be functional. Have always needed 8 hrs of sleep, though - even if I have to catch up later!

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Capricorns are particular with who they take in as friends. Even if a Capricorn tends to make friends easily, they do not see them as friend...

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