Capricorn Zodiac Constellation Wall Art Printable by FebruaryLane

Looking for an affordable way to decorate your home or a birthday gift for a Capricorn? Then this is the perfect buy!

Really want this one on my arm! Capricorn constellation!

Moon on nape of neck in colour then white ink constellation across shoulders

This is Me in Internet Form — zoazig:   Floral Constellations  THIS. IS....

zoazig: “ Floral Constellations Small experiment with flowers and sun signs. A few hours each, sharpie on paper. Available here on my RedBubble Aries-Sweet Pea, Taurus-Hawthorn, Gemini-Honeysuckle,.

Capricorn zodiac sign poster constellation art by Riverwaystudios

Zodiac signs pressed onto metal with vibrant color Total Size 16 Ready to mount with sticky tape included

Capricorn Constellation Tattoo - YES:

If I centered this around the star I already have- it could compliment my wrist tattoo nicely!