Christmas Paintings On Canvas | Christmas Eve Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Anastasiya ...

Christmas Eve Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Anastasiya Malakhova

light up canvas art, crafts, decoupage ( A long time ago, I didn't buy, at a garage sale, a large sofa picture with lights from behind.  I have regretted it ever since)

Mom pokes holes through a canvas using an ice pick, but when she turns it over... best Christmas gift idea!

Easy Fast DIY Light Up Canvas Art - just use a canvas & string of Christmas Lights & Voila!

DIY String Light Backlit Canvas Art Ideas, Crafts with Instructions  @diyhowto #Crafts, #WallDecor

DIY String Light Backlit Canvas Art Ideas [Instructions]

Create a DIY Star Wars Lighted Canvas Art that is super cool! You can make your own just in time before the new Star Wars movie comes to theaters.

DIY Star Wars Lighted Canvas Art

Paint Splatter Canvas Art...I need to try this!!! i would pick the colors teal purple green and white

Very good idea for the paintsplatters in my front cover showing colour schemes for it. Also showing how the paint platters should be. for example close together or spread out