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My Chemical Romance during 2006 MTV Video Music Awards - Pre-Show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, New York, United States (Theo Wargo)


If any of you are killjoys (mcr fans) and you're in a rough patch, all of us are here for you. remember where gerard came from. alcoholic/depressed/suicidal/drug addict he's come from so much and so can you. he'd be proud of you to know that and I'm sure any other band members you like would love to know this too. stay strong beautiful, you're worth it ❤️


People regard John Greens books as teen novels, when in actual fact they hold such deep and adult themes. Like tfios, it's all about life and how we should make the most o it while we can. Looking for Alaska: is all about decisions, and paths and how friendship can help us. John Green writes teenage novels yes, but makes them more appealing by not writing about pathetic teen themes.


So I woke up this morning and almost EVERYTHING in my room was wrapped in One Direction wrapping paper! Haha i have a pretty cool sister XD


That was us. "Whatever you do, don't play drinking games with strangers under the bleachers at 2:00 am." "Ok." guess what we did...


The feeling, more than the thought hits me once in a while like it did this evening driving home. The feeling holding you in my arms lost in it and how I felt they were all around us intermingling within us and without us. Beyond words. I don't know if I'll ever feel that again?


Emily Dickinson quote poster, If I can stop one heart from break I shall not live in vain, poetry art, Emily Dickinson poster