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3 Ways to Make a Healing Mash for Dogs with Diarrhea & Gas

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7 Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

Pumpkin is not just a digestive superfood for dogs. Check out these other benefits too! #dogs #nutrition #doghealth


10 Genius DIY Tips for Dog Owners

Pumpkin chocolate custard, pumpkin breakfast quinoa—we've even seen pumpkin chili that looks pretty delicious. We've got our own tasty Fast Metabolism pumpkin

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No Fart Dog Treats - All natural wheat-free biscuits for Gassy Puppies - 8oz

Yes! They work. And No! You cant feed them to your husband :-D The active ingredient in these dog treats is organic ginger powder. Two other ingredients, pumpkin and carrot, work over time to get your puppys belly in balance. Good fiber for them. These dog biscuits are packed with a high-nutrition shot from freshly grated carrot and pureed pumpkin. True Treats Pet Bakery offers our Anti-Fart packages filled with small/medium sized biscuits so you can be sure they are a great fit for your…

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Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treat

Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipe


I always have this on hand in case one of the dogs eats something they shouldn't. I put it on a cookie sheet by the spoonful, freeze and then store in container until needed. That way you don't waste a whole can on a single serving. Also when we travel, a can goes in the doggies go bag.


Vegetables To Improve Dog Health.. NOT baby carrots. They can be life threatening go see this link to find out why even humans should not eat them..

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Cats Who Simply Cannot Deny Their Affection For Dogs

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer is your solution for odor control in your home. It creates a natural, charged flow that fills the air, giving it the power to clean itself. Use it to tackle pet odors, cooking smells, allergies, accidents on carpet and more