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Italian Cane Corso Mastiff! My dad bought my mom one for Christmas this year! Cant wait!! :)

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HOUFEK MASTIFFS is a family ran, Mastiff {Hybrid, Mix, Designer} breeding and training program. Our lines consist of South African Boerboel, Cane Corso, Argentine Dogo, and a little Great Dane blood. 'BEST of the BEST ONLY'

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How To Love a Cane Corso, Without Going Crazy - "a practical guide to living with a Cane Corso"

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* * " Really? I yam one of de five protective dog breeds? I knew I wuz good fur somethin'.": Pitbull, Cane Corso Puppies, Protective Dogs, Cane Corso Mastiff, Cane Corso Puppy, Eye

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Okay guys in the Athena Cabin, this is Kaya, she's pretty friendly, she's half HellHound half Cane, this is her halfway growth point, she can't be hurt by Celestial Bronze, she's got the growth of the Cane, I'm sure you guy's will all love her