Dylans Candy Bar - NYC

Dylan’s Candy Bar and Candy Bars

Two things about this picture.  1.) I would probaly cry tears of joy walking into Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC  2.) I've always loved candy, so I wouldn't mind working in a candy store :)

Candy Bars for all happy occassions!

Dylan's Candy Bar NYC, every candy lover's dream I started hyperventilating.

Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC. It is this giant candy store with three entire floors filled with every kind of chocolate and candy you can imagine!

Chocolate Taste Testing Party!

Candy theme - tiles and stripes, tying with overhead bubbles, sorting into containers. Build a table.

A very unique combination of colors and patterns for a candy store. Sugar Sin, a Swedish candy store in London.

From New York to Paris to Barcelona and more, the best candy shops in the world.

#ChicEats: Candy Stores Around the World

Dubai Mall - Candylicious - comes as close as you can to a real-life Willy Wonka experience. Flagship is 10,000 sqft - largest in the world.

Retail Space/Display Ideas The World's Best Candy Stores: Candylicious, Dubai

At first glance Pete’s is a classic dive, but it’s so much more. Walking to the back, you enter a railway space whose tiny stage at the end is surrounded by light bulbs. There’s live music on an old-timey circus stage every night except for the nights when the store hosts a reading series. The series takes place every other Thursday and their “Big Poetry” reading series takes place every other Friday. Oh, and did I mention a Spelling Bee every other Monday? A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

good bar w/ good live music.a lil hispstery of course…very kitschy…used to be an old candy store and a hangout/eatery for the old old school Brooklynites (North)

Economy Candy, 108 Rivington St. Lower East Side, NYC Pour des friandises de toutes les époques...

Economy Candy, Lower East Side, NYC- best candy shop ever. All the old school favorites

Dylan's Candy Bar, NYC ~ The owner, Dylan Lauren, is the daughter of designer Ralph Lauren and his wife, Rikkie. SWEET! CANDY HEAVEN

Candy Heaven- Dylan's candy bar (Manhattan) oh wow need to go there candy galore