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Recently we popped into a store to buy candy before a movie and were delighted to find a selection of retro treats. It was an array of Abba-Zabas, Sky Bars, Big Hunks, Mallow Cups and Cherry Mashes. Naturally, we stocked up. That sweet tooth flashback got us thinking about the other vintage candy bars that did not survive. Today, Hershey's and Mars dominate the checkout aisle, but decades ago candy companies like Hollywood, Clark, Peter Paul and Annabelle cranked out delectable bars filled…

Ann Clark Candy Corn Cookie Cutter - 4 Inches - Tin Plated Steel ** You can get additional details at the image link.


Cotton Candy Wonder Wheel by Erin Clark

Beatrice - Milk Duds & Clark - candy trade ad - February 1972

Beatrice - DL Clark - Milk Duds - 0.7 oz candy box - 1981

Lewis, Clark, + Sacajawea They look tough, do you think they'll barter for candy!? ☺️

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