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Cancer Zodiac Sign - I wouldn't say timid but reserved maybe! Yikes those negatives kinda hit spot on!

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I'm a libra. What are you?

I'm a libra. What are you?

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speech 5 Hmmm....rattle, rattle, strike. Sounds right. Heed the warning!!!

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Cancer Zodiac Sign can be the most loving human on the planet, but can also scare the complete shit out of someone if they wanted to.

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Aquarius- so bloody true, I'm not a girl who haves a crush on a real guy, I'm a girl that's haves crushes on video game/anime/book/movie characters

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The Best Zodiac Facts

I Hate When People Undermine My Strengh. I'm A Whole Lot Stronger Than You. Don't Even Go There.

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