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WhatNext - Cancer Support Network of Peers and Organizations -

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12 Empowering Quotes On Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of my grandmother & aunt for winning their battle against breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer Wall Decor / Breast Cancer Gifts / Pink Ribbon / Breast Cancer / Breast Cancer Ribbon / Breast Cancer Gear/ Survivor Gift

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4 useful things to say as a caregiver: 1. I am with you in this. 2. You can count on me. 3. How are you holding up? 4. How can I be useful?

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How to Support a Loved One With Cancer: 4 Ways to Nurture Them & You

According to the American Cancer Society, three out of four households will experience a cancer diagnosis in their family at some point in their lives. Receiving cancer support is vital for the person going through a diagnosis. Sociological studies have proven that emotional support can affect immune system function, treatment outcomes, and even cancer mortality rates. Click on the image to discover 4 Ways to Provide the Best Support to Friends & Family who are Fighting Cancer.

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Sometimes you gotta say it out loud #fuck cancer #for my two family members fighting this horrible disease.

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This is so important, not only for cancer patìents, but also for any chronically ill individual.

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Background: is an online support network developed in partnership with the American Cancer Society that helps help cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers gain firsthand insight into living with cancer and connect with others facing a similar diagnosis. Members of a...

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