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So grateful for his patience and his ability to look over the ignorance of absolute idiots.. Shane, I am so grateful for you and the MAN you are. I love you forever!!

it doesn't matter whats in front of her because she knows who's behind her

Then I'm going to the strongest woman on earth...at least emotionally.

well damn life how strong do you need me to be! This is getting hung up in the bedroom right next to the vanity mirror where I'll see it err the time!

Cancer. so true when we falling in love we do anything for love

25 Zodiac quotes that sum up what it's like to be a Cancer in astrology. Everything you need to know about the Cancer horoscope, summed up in a few funny quotes.

Yes! I've always loved the moon and stars. First tattoo was Man in the Moon. "It was always just there- breathing, shining, and in ways most humans can't understand: listening."

This love, it is true. There was a reason she loved the moon so much . It was because the moon didn't critisize her , didn't talk bad to her . The moon just watched and gave off light .