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for a girl who played on a boys water polo team for the longest time this speaks to me so much

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Like My Hairdo? My Oncologist Did It - Breast Cancer - Humor - inch button/pin - pink gift Cancer Survivor Walk Awareness Courage

One of the many trials of living with an invisible disability is not being taken…

Not having a bald head doesn't mean you don't have cancer, and it doesn't signify the end of the battle! Childhood cancer kids don't have a specific look. Looks can be deceiving!

Cancer SUCKS!

Makes me giggle even more because proton radiation was originally intended to help prostate cancer patients.

She will survive using her own courage, humour & grace

Everything there is to know about thyroid cancer She will survive using her own courage, humour grace

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. At this point, my dear, I should be able to bench-press a Buick. by Maiden11976

Cancer majes you a lot stronger emotionally, mentally and physically!

Not so sure it's funny but it is true and unfair!

There are other types of cancer, but we only really raise awareness for one. :( I'm a thyroid cancer survivor. All types of cancer suck equally.

For one of my oldest friends who is now fighting cancer for the SECOND time...I just hope if this ever happens to me I have her positive attitude and sense of humor! This sounds like something she would say.

You hit like a bitch! life knocks you calmly get back up, terrbile, and very politely say, ‘You hit like a bitch. come at me life You hit like a bitch! life knocks you calmly get back up terrbile and very politely say ‘You bitch " come at me

Sums it all up!

some days this is just how I feel fighting Trigeminal Neuralgia.

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Baby I am not going anywhere! Just don't make me what to long honey we are just wasting time an I need every minute of the rest of my life with you